Meet Our Team


Thomas Miller

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Garcia

Chief Business Development Officer

Oliver Smith

Chief Operations Officer

Jack Williams

Chief Technology Officer

Natalie White

Chief Financial Officer

John Smith

Head of Marketing & Events

Julia Gupta

Head of Analytics & Strategy

Ryan Wilson

Head of Research & Development

Barbara Thomas

Head of Public Relations

Olivia Taylor

Head of Business Development

Thu Tran

Head of Client Services

Bridget Wilson

Head of Delivery Management

Belinda Brown

Head of Human Resources

James Smith

Head of Technology Services

Joshua Brown

Head of Information Technology

Nicholas Thomas

Product Development

Ava White

Client Development

Sophia Jones

Client Services

Lauren Garcia

Client Services

Emily Taylor

PR Consultant

Emma Smith

Delivery Management Soundcloud Services

Alexis Martin

Sales Assistant jSoundcloud Services

Liam Anderson

Technology Consultant Soundcloud Service

Ella Smith

Team Leader of Soundcloud Services

Lan Nguyen

Team Leader of Twitter Services

Luke Johnson

Team Leader of Pinterest Services

Dylan Robinson

Team Leader of Facebook Services

Jake Harris

Team Leader of Instagram Services

Daniel Anderson

Team Leader of YouTube Services

Alexandra Martin

Team Leader of Google Services

Adina Johnson


Ashley Taylor

System Analyst

Lee Wei Ling

Computer Programmer

Victoria Moore

Search Strategy

Sarah Miller

Search Strategy

Isabella Anderson

Executive Assistant

Kayla Harris

System Analyst

Anna White

Financial Consultant

Madison Smith


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