FTPL100 $4
FTPL200 $7
FTPL500 $14
FTPL1000 $26
FTPL2000 $49
FTPL5K $115
FTPL10K $209
FTPL20K $399
FTPL30K $589
FTPL50K $949
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Buy Targeted Facebook Post Likes

We are providing a powerful tool to get likes for your Posts, your photos, your videos and make your brand or business recognizable on the social media. You should not hesitate on whether to buy Targeted Facebook Post Likes or not.

The only things you need to know is that Facebook Likes can be of some different kinds that are compliable with the Facebook developer code. They are likes for your Posts, likes for your Photos, likes for your Videos and another for your fan Pages.

Your best choice is to buy all, but if you have a limitation budget, think about Targeted Facebook Post Likes services. They would be delivered immediately to your post without having any fuss and inconvenience.

Targeted countries: ARAB, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Phillippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE. 

Please kindly add your targeted country at "Additional Comments" when you order.


Post Likes vs Photo Likes

Each post may have one or some photos. If you want to get likes for whole your post, you should buy Targeted Facebook Post Likes.

But if you want to obtain likes for only a specific photo in your multi photos post, you have to buy Facebook Photo Likes.

Why should you buy Targeted Facebook Post Likes at RealSubscriber?

They are just the most important tools for getting cues from such social signals. If you increase the number of likes for your Post, this means that search engines will put your page on the top of searching result. So your services, products and innovations will become still more recognizable and popular.

We provide targeted Facebook post likes with following features:

·100% REAL (verified profiles, address, phone number)

·High retention

·No drop - Guaranteed

·100% money back guarantee if your order hasn't met delivery time frame on our website;

·Safe for your account. We only need your Facebook link, not your account information

·24/7 support. So, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and we will answer you as soon as possible


How to Buy Targeted Facebook Post Likes


Follow the following steps to place an order:

1. Choose Service Package

Select your suitable package from the provided service lists.

2. Enter Your Link(*)

On the View Cart page, fill in required information and Proceed to Checkout.

3. Proceed to Checkout & Get Your Order

Fill in your name, email and select a payment method.
You can click "Continue Shopping" to add other packages into one order. After the payment, results start in 1-6 hours.

(*) Enter the URL of Your Post:

Examples of accepted URL format:


Getting a post's URL 

There are two ways to get a post's URL:

1. Click on the post's publishing time, and copy the URL of the permalink from your browser's address bar.

Click on the post's publishing time to copy the URL to the post


2. Click on  dau-ba-cham.png at top-right of the post, tap on Embed. Copy the link to the post in the "URL of post" box on new tab.

How to copy the link to the post


How to get the URL to Your Facebook Post on Mobile

Using the Facebook app. Then, it's very easy to get the URL to your Facebook post. At the top right of your Post, simply tap on dau-ba-cham.png > Copy link.

How to copy the URL to the post on Mobile