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RealSubscriber is the №1 Social Media Marketing marketplace, where you can buy cheap FACEBOOK POST LIKES on Facebook videos.

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Buy Facebook Post Likes For Cheap


Each post can have one or several photos or videos. If you want to get likes for your entire post, you should buy Facebook Post Likes.

But if you only want to get likes for a specific photo in your multi-photo post, you have to buy Facebook Photo Likes.



  • Attract more users

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an online seller, the most common desire of every Facebook user is to have a larger number of likes and post followers. They always try to get as many likes as possible for their posts on Facebook. Posts with thousands of likes are likely to attract more users and as a result you will become more famous on this social media.

  • Increase engagement

Get more likes on Facebook posts it will increase the engagement of potential targets with your profile. That will help businesses to brand their products and make businesses famous not only at the national level but also globally.

  • Influence greatly search engine ranking

While any other social indicators of your popularity may be used to affect the number of your real followers and customers, search engines do not care about these indicators. They are just the most important tools for getting cues from such social signals. If you increase the number of likes for your Post, this means that search engines will put your page on the top of searching result. So your services, products and innovations will become still more recognizable and popular.

Our Advantages


  • Timing is everything

Think about when and how often you post on Facebook. You need to analyze the time of day that you post. All of these are important when it comes to increasing engagement and getting more likes. Based on this data, you will get higher engagement on weekends and during peak hours.

  • Create highly shareable

One of the ways to increase post likes on Facebook you should do is to leverage people who already like your page. Encourage these people to show your post to their friends.

  • Comments are encouraged

Asking Facebook users to comment on your posts is a great way to increase your page’s exposure. The more good comments you get, the more likes you get. That’s because friends of commenters, even if they don’t follow your page, will see these comments. Posts and comments will appear on their timeline.

  • Short article

No one will read long posts on social media, there is so much they want to see from their friends and family. And they will scroll through your content quickly. This is also one reason why you don’t get likes for facebook post

  • Buy instant Facebook post likes

RealSubscriber’s Facebook services is a powerful tool to get likes for your Post, your fan Page and make your brand or business recognizable on the social media. So, you should not hesitate on whether to buy Facebook Post Likes or not. The only things you need to know is that Facebook likes can be of some different kinds that are compliable with the Facebook developer code. They are likes for your Post, your Photo, your Video and your fan Page. Your best choice is to buy all, but if you ask us which ones are more preferable, think about Post likes and Page likes. They would be delivered immediately to your post without having any fuss and inconvenience.

How to Buy Facebook Post Likes Packages


1. Choose Service Package

Select your suitable package from the provided service lists.


2. Enter Your Link (*)

On the service page, fill in required URL and Add to Cart.


3. Proceed to Checkout & Get Your Order

Fill in your name, email and select a payment method. After payment, results start within 1-6 hours.

(*) Enter the URL of Your Post:

Examples of accepted URL format: name/posts/xyz…xyz…xyz&id=xyz…xyz…xyz&id=xyz…xyz name/posts/xyz…xyz


Getting a post’s URL

There are two ways to get a post’s URL:

1. Click on the post’s publishing time, and copy the URL of the permalink from your browser’s address bar.

Copy post url service pack
Click on the post’s publishing time to copy the URL to the post


2. Click on  Setting dot icon at top-right of the post, tap on Embed. Copy the link to the post in the “URL of post” box on new tab.

Copy post url embed service pack
How to copy the URL to the post


How to get the URL to Your Facebook Post on Mobile

Using the Facebook app. Then, it’s very easy to get the URL to your Facebook post. At the top right of your Post, simply tap on Setting dot icon > Copy link.

Copy post URL on mobile
How to copy the URL to the post on Mobile