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Payment Guide

Last Updated: December 1, 2021


  1. This payment guide is applied ONLY to the Wire/bank transfer and Skrill payment methods.
  2. After checkout, please make a payment to our bank account below. You can use Wire/Bank Transfers, or to pay. Your order will be processed within 6 hours after the funds have cleared in our account.
  3. 10% extra quantity of your order will be promoted as the compensation to you.

Note: Please put your Order Number while making payment.

1.  Wire/Bank Transfers

1.1. Beneficiary Bank


Address: 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hanoi, Vietnam

Swift code: BFTVVNVX

1.2. Beneficiary Account

Account name: DOAN MINH LENH

Account number: 0371003898068

2. Skrill

  • In case you already have Skrill account, you can send money directly to my Skrill account
  • If you don’t have an account, you can also use Skrill’s Money Transfer (Credit Card, Debit Card) to make a payment after registering.

2.1 Skrill to Skrill (*)

STEP 1: Register and Verify your Skrill account at
STEP 2: Deposit to your account by using your Credit or debit card
STEP 3: Send Skrill to Skrill. Our Skrill account:

(*): Recommended: The payment is instantly arrived.

2.2 Skrill’s Money Transfer (using Credit/Debit Card)

STEP 1: Register and Verify your Skrill account at
STEP 2: Login to your Skrill account. Select Send > International money transfer Skrill Money Transfer. Or link:

STEP 3Select the currency above is your currency, below is VND

Skrill send to VND
Select your curency and VND

STEP 4: Fullfil your information

STEP 5: Recipient Details:

First Name: LENH     Middle name: MINH    Last name: DOAN

Phone number: (+84) 902612950

Bank: Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

Branch office: CN TAN DINH

Account number: 0371003898068

Swift Code: BFTVVNVX

Skrill send receiver info

STEP 6: And follow the next steps on the web to finish your transaction.


How to transfer money in 3 easy steps: Create account, Enter details & Confirm and send.

Note: supports in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia & New Zealand.

Step 1: Login to  with your account

Step 2: You have: Select your currency and amount of your order;  You want: select VND – Vietnamese Dong and click New Transfer

Step 3: Recipient:

Location of bank:  Viet Nam

Recipient’s name: DOAN MINH LENH

Is this a business account?: No

Recipient’s address: 120/6A Duong 339

Ho Chi Minh

Viet Nam

Step 4: Your recipient’s bank details:

Bank account number: 6678247


Note: Bank name, Bank address & Bank address line 2 will be auto filled.

Step 5: And follow the next steps on the web to finish your transaction.

These are the screenshots for demonstration.


XE to send money recipient
Recipient information

Your recipient’s bank details:

XE to send money bank detail
Your recipient's bank details


STEP 1: Go to the website:

STEP 2: You send: select your currency or USD and amount.  Recipient gets: VND

Paysend to Vietnam

STEP 3: Add recipient’s bank account in Vietnam

Choose a bank: Vietcombank

Account number: 0371003898068

First name and middle name: LENH MINH

Last name: DOAN

Paysend recipient details
Recipient details

STEP 4: And follow the next steps on the web to finish your transaction.