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Spotify is one of the most well-known musical services in the world – due to its great system people all around the world get to know new music every day, which is why Spotify is great for setting a decent music PR on it. Basically all that is needed – finding a decent agency which will provide genuine Spotify services, such as USA followers, thumbs up and a whole bunch of other features which are important for Spotify.

The main thing you have to do before purchasing USA followers at Spotify is make sure that you’re cooperating with a decent agency which provides actual followers, that are people (followers) who use Spotify on a daily basis and are keen on working with a promo agency for a decent reward. This is the only way how a decent service of followers for Spotify can be delivered – all other options which include using bot machinery aren’t useful and will bring no benefits to a person who’s buying a service for Spotify like this.

Buy Spotify Followers USA at RealSubscriber
Buy Spotify Followers USA at RealSubscriber


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This is exactly what RealSubscriber does while providing followers – we work with real people all around the world who’re visiting Spotify regularly and have an opportunity to become someone else’s followers for an extended period of time. USA Followers for Spotify that we offer to our clients aren’t going to disappear into nowhere after some time, those won’t get disabled and will stay on your account’s followers count for a very long time, bringing actual use to your profile’s statistics.

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How to Buy Spotify Followers USA Packages


1. Choose Service Package

Select your suitable package from the provided service lists.


2. Enter Your Link (*)

On the service page, fill in required URL and Add to Cart.


3. Proceed to Checkout & Get Your Order

Fill in your name, email and select a payment method. After payment, results start within 1-6 hours.

(*) Enter the URL to your artist:

Examples of accepted URL format:


To copy the URL to your artist:

  • Open Spotify and search your public artist page on Spotify;
  • In the browser address bar, copy the URL; or
  • Tab on Setting icon spotify below your artist name > Share > Copy link to artist


Copy Spotify URL to your Artist
How to copy link to artist on Spotify