FLES100 $4
FLES200 $8
FLES500 $19
FLES1000 $35
FLES2000 $68
FLES5000 $159
FLES10K $299
FLES20K $585
FLES30K $875
FLES50K $1445
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Buy Facebook Likes - East Asia

If you are looking for cheap, NON high-quality likes that will not benefit your business, then this is NOT for you. Buying real, forever likes has just gotten easier. RealSubscriber sells likes that are GUARANTEED & 100% NO-drops.

With RealSubscriber, you won’t go wrong! We advise customers to avoid buying cheap Facebook likes from sites that offer such services for cheap prices because these likes like renting a car - they will disappear over time.

If you are ready to skyrocket your Facebook page or business, we offer targeted Facebook likes. We can target your Facebook likes from East Asia audiences. It is higher quality than the worldwide fans.

Why should you buy Facebook Like East Asia at RealSubscriber?

  • 100% REAL

  • No Drop - Guaranteed

  • 100% money back guarantee if your order hasn't met delivery time frame on our website

  • Safe for your account. We only need your Facebook link, not your account information

  • 24/7 support. So, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and we will answer you as soon as possible

Details of the Service:

  • Min Order: 100 Likes

  • Max Order: 50,000 Likes (pls email support@realsubscriber if you want to buy bigger packages)

  • "Music Band" pages are not accepted

  • Current Speed is from 500 to 5000 per day

NO Arabs & NO Middle Eastern Countries in this Service.

Mostly comes from: 

China, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore.


How to Buy Facebook Likes - East Asia


Follow the following steps to place an order:

1. Choose Service Package

Select your suitable package from the provided service lists.

2. Enter Your Link(*)

On the View Cart page, fill in required information and Proceed to Checkout.

3. Proceed to Checkout & Get Your Order

Fill in your name, email and select a payment method.
You can click "Continue Shopping" to add other packages into one order. After the payment, results start in 1-6 hours.

(*) Enter the URL of your page:

There are two ways to get the URL link for your Facebook page.

1. Click on fb-character.png icon on any pages on Facebook, scroll down the right menu and tap on Pages > Your page, and copy the URL of the page from your browser's address bar.

2. From any pages on Facebook:

  • Enter the name of the page in the search box at the top of any pages on Facebook, and click search-icon.png
  • Click the name of the page you're trying to buy likes
  • Copy the link (URL) found in your browser address bar

Examples of accepted URL format: