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Buy Facebook Video Views

Although YouTube is known as a platform for viewing videos, people have also changed the way they look at Facebook when it comes to it. In fact, videos have become one of the contents that people looks forward to in Facebook. Thus, if you own a business, you should also know how powerful social media platforms such as Facebook are. So, now is the time for you to take advantage of it and start adapting the new ways to capture the attention of your target audience through uploading videos.

It truly feels great to see the videos that you have uploaded on Facebook have been viewed so many times. However, we all need to accept the fact that not all videos can be successfully, especially during the first days that it has been uploaded. In such cases, you might need to spend a little amount of money in order for you to increase the views. It is possible through buying Facebook video views.

Facebook video views are the best way to promote your videos to reach more audiences and provide interesting content. If you want to add some videos, you can split the views into each video and save money by ordering everything together. It is a completely safe promotional process for your video and video views on Facebook which you will receive come only from real users!

Why Should You Buy Facebook Views from RealSubscriber?

·100% REAL (verified profiles, address, phone number)

·High retention

·No drop - Guaranteed

·100% money back guarantee if your order hasn't met delivery time frame on our website;

·Safe for your account. We only need your Facebook link, not your account information

·24/7 support. So, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and we will answer you as soon as possible


How to Buy Facebook Video Views


Follow the following steps to place an order:

1. Choose Service Package

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2. Enter Your Link(*)

On the View Cart page, fill in required information and Proceed to Checkout.

3. Proceed to Checkout & Get Your Order

Fill in your name, email and select a payment method.
You can click "Continue Shopping" to add other packages into one order. After the payment, results start in 1-6 hours.

(*) Enter the URL of your video:

To copy the URL of your video:

  • Click on your video;
  • In the browser address bar, copy the URL. Or at the top right of your video, simply tap on dau-ba-cham.png > Copy link.

Examples of accepted URL format: