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With years of experience in online marketing, RealSubscriber has provided this service on thousands of tracks. Below, we’ll list the pros to help you decide if these services are really what you need.


SoundCloud has emerged as one of the best platforms in the world for new artists to discover their music or podcasts. This can present a great opportunity. In many cases, successful SoundCloud artists will be able to be signed by record labels. Additionally, you may want to use the platform to build a strong fan base who will want to buy your merchandise and come see you on the tour.

However, to get these attractive deals, you need to be able to grow your account. This can take a long time, especially as the competition on this site continues to grow. This can make it difficult for your music to get the attention you expect. For this reason, you’ll need to find a way to boost your account to attract more music listeners. One of the best way for you is to buy the plays on SoundCloud.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why this method will allow you to grow your account quickly.


  • Buy Real SoundCloud Plays to Increase Credibility

Listeners are often drawn to successful plays. Many listeners will only give your music a chance if you’ve proven your worth to an audience before. So buying plays on SoundCloud will give you extra credibility to attract an audience.

  • Buy Plays On SoundCloud to Attract A Lot Of Listeners

A content that already has many listeners, will have the effect of attracting even more viewers. Buying plays will have a direct impact on your musical appeal. If you’re new to a SoundCloud channel and don’t have a core audience yet, buying a play can help you attract more listeners.

  • Purchase SoundCloud Plays to Increase Your Value

In addition to all of the above benefits, buying the play will increase your value as an artist. You will have a clear track record of success and this will be an advantage for program bookings and contract negotiations.

  • Buy Instant SoundCloud Plays to Increase Your Followers

Boosting SoundCloud’s playbook is an effective way to increase your followers. By purchasing plays for your music, you will spark more interest in your talent as an artist. When interested, people easily click “Follow” you.

  • Buy Fast SoundCloud Plays to Increase Your Trust

Audiences usually pay attention to the audience of a play. Having multiple plays on SoundCloud gives you credibility. This is essential in order to attract more listeners. It helps you promote your image, which can go far beyond the background of SoundCloud.

  • Easy To Buy

Compared to other social networks, buying SoundCloud plays is easier and more affordable. You can find many low-cost providers, including RealSubscriber, that you can trust to help promote your audio.


  • Make Great Music to Gain SoundCloud Plays

No matter how many forms of promotion you use, with crap music it will never exist. No one wants to listen and you won’t get the turn. So invest in the quality of your music.

  • Use Current Object Leverage to Get Plays On SoundCloud

There are some people who spend their entire lives finding and sharing music with their favorite audiences. Please take advantage of this. Look for channels on SoundCloud that can reshare your music with others. This is also a way to market music.

  • Combine Other Social Networks to Get More SoundCloud Plays

Today, you can’t just depend on one platform to get ahead. You need to combine many other social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc. Leave a link of your tracks or SoundCloud profile on other social networks that will also contribute to increasing the number of followers of Friend.

  • Optimize Your Information On SoundCloud to Boost SoundCloud Plays

Make your music stand out and make it easy to find on SoundCloud. Let SoundCloud’s algorithm know what your music is and make it easy for users to see. It is similar to SEO for a website, specifically: Use tags that are relevant, relevant, use descriptions, get other engagement (likes, comments)

  • Repost Chains to Increase SoundCloud Plays

This is one of the most useful tools on SoundCloud to engage a wider audience. You can tell when the repost chain starts. It is simply a group of people who automatically repost a piece of music at a predetermined time interval. As each of you gain followers, you multiply your reach each time.

Our Advantages


  • 100% Real SoundCloud Plays and High Quality

Any musician or artist who has ever purchased SoundCloud plays from us can see their stats and always be satisfied with the play we provide. All from real and genuine people. Currently, we have a social network in various genres of music. We try to rank you in the music genre that is most relevant to the music you are producing.

  • Cheap SoundCloud Plays

RealSubscriber offers buying SoundCloud plays at a much cheaper price than other sites. For us, quality is the most important, so cheap does not mean low quality. Trust our small pack selection to try it, and you will never be disappointed.

  • Instant SoundCloud Plays

Once you’ve placed your order, you may soon receive a confirmation email. RealSubscriber is committed to prompt delivery. 90% of orders are completed earlier than the time listed on our service page. If you would like your delivery to be slower or faster than this, please contact us. We will respond to your request promptly.

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  • 100% Money Back Guarantee on SoundCloud Plays

Unlike other sites, RealSubscriber offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee to any customer purchasing SoundCloud plays from us. Customers who are not completely satisfied with our service (very few in fact), do not hesitate to contact us. We will resend all your funds.

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1. Choose Service Package

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How to copy the track URL on SoundCloud

  1. In SoundCloud, search for the music you want.
  2. Click Share on the music.
  3. Copy the URL.
How to copy the URL to the track on SoundCloud
How to copy the URL to the track on SoundCloud