Members of Facebook groups

How to see the members of a Facebook group?

Pages and profiles can join and see anything in a Facebook group. The Pages can be managed by some users so they can see all the group’s posts, comments etc.
People on Facebook can only see who are the members of public groups. In private groups, you have to be a member to see who are the group members.
To see the list of group members:
  1. From your News Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your group.
  2. Click Members at the top of the group.
The member list will be updated automatically as people or Pages join and leave the group.

The privacy options for Facebook groups

There are two privacy options for Facebook groups: public and private.

Admin of a group can set the privacy level of group and manage whether people can find your group in search.

  Public Private
Who can see what members post, comment and share in the group? Anyone Current Members
Who can see the list of members in the group? People on Facebook Current Members
Who can see who the admins and moderators are? People on Facebook People on Facebook
Keep in mind:
  • Invited members are members of a group who can see the group in preview mode.
  • When a Page joins a group there could be several admins of that Page. All of them can see and interact with posts and members of the group.
  • If an admin of the group has added a third-party app, the app has access to posts and comments in the group. Third-party apps can't access who wrote posts and comments unless the app has been given permission by the author.

How to join facebook group on Facebook.

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