Settings Followers of Facebook Profile to Public

How to turn on the Followers to Public

Facebook allows users to manage the feature of followers in an easy way. You can enable the Follow Button and people can then press that button to follow you. But a question is how to show the list of followers or show the numbers of followers to the public when someone visits your profile?

If you also among those users don’t know how to show followers on your Facebook profile to the public, let’s help you how to turn on your Facebook followers publicly. You will learn some of the privacy settings related to it and more stuff.

Don’t confuse with friends and followers. Friends are something define user relation. While followers are the people who follow on your posts.

Where are the Followers Settings on Facebook?

Like other social media, Facebook also updates its features as per the user’s requirements and for a better experience. Maybe you see some changes of adding features like enhancing the UI as well and moved settings to add an extra one to keep secure their accounts. You can show followers on Facebook profile with your web browser or Facebook app.

Firstly, with your web browser, follow the ways below to enable followers showing features on your Facebook profile to the public.

1. Click on facebook-character-f icon in the top left of Facebook

2. Tab on your Profile Picture

3. Tab on Friends

4. Next to Find Friends, click on three-dot-icon then select Edit Privacy

Facebook followers edit privacy on RealSubscriber




5. In the Followers section, set to Public.

facebook followers edit privacy RealSubscriber



The Followers of a Facebook Profile after setting to Public


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