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Social Media As A Tool To Build Customer Relationships

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It is the age of social media! Today, almost all companies whether it is the automotive industry, medical device companies, financial companies or education institutes – everyone has a social media presence and making the most of their profile to reach out to their customers, building customer relationships, spreading information and value about their organization and in a way building meaningful relationships in the process. Just think about any reputed company and you will find its strong presence in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other popular social media websites. 

Social media is now more like a strategy to build brand image and to take customer satisfaction to an absolute new level. It is a great way to build relationships with your new customers, keep your existing customers updated and happy and reach out to all future customers. So, what makes social media so crucial for the success of an organization? 

Good Way To Share Stories

People love talking about themselves. When businesses make an endeavour to hear such stories and be a part of their life, they are definitely able to build a close relationship with their customers. Companies like to make people a big focal point of their business which would make them a big part of their brand too. With a special app “share your story”, customers have a scope to submit their story, pictures and also related to anything which is related to the use of products and services related to the business. With such life events or stories being shared in social media, it helps in building brand reliability and credibility of the brand. These stories or moments of life, are like milestones for the entire community. They are increasingly read for inspirational value, as a testimony and often help people feel good about the brand.

Help In Connecting

Today, businesses use social media to connect and inspire one another. Popular brands like Nike Women and Weight Watchers are true examples of the fact, how valuable Facebook is in bringing people who share similar interests. Social media is a tool for who are looking for a tool or an outlet to get support or spread information about their products and services. Thus, when this tool is continuously used by businesses, it helps in successfully connecting with the audience and strengthening their relationship like never before.

It is More About Customers

When social media is used for building customer relationships, people are aware that it is not about the product or service, the company is interested in the customer. If you have seen American Express open forum, you will realize how well the company has surpassed all customer expectations when it is about customer expectations and when it is putting customer satisfaction in the first place. There are several such forums developed for helping customers interact with businesses, share their concerns or put down their suggestions.

Social media customer relationships management
Social media customer relationships management

Great Way to Getting Feedback

Social media is a wonderful way to get feedback on products and services from customers. People often talk about their experience when using products and services online. If they enjoyed using a product or service or if they have any difficulty or are highly dissatisfied, they always discuss the issues in social media. This works as a great customer feedback for clients, which helps them to modify their products or change their services accordingly.

Help In Reaching Out

Social media is a great way to reach out to customers. If there are new products to be launched, important information is to be shared or the company feels the need to constantly be in touch with customers, social media is said to be a great platform. Facebook pages or updates are a great way to reach out to people, share information with people. If there were no Facebook fan pages it would not have been possible to reach out to such a large number of people at once and at such an inexpensive ways.

Are you using social media for your business? If not, start right away.

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