Facebook Contest Ideas Which Can Drive Traffic

Facebook contests are an interesting way to draw traffic and keep audiences glued to the page. Businesses make the most use of Facebook guidelines with respect to contests, so that they are able to adhere to Facebook rules while making the most of contests. Contests are a huge way to drive brand engagement and bring in people to the website. In fact, if contests are interesting and engaging, they will always bring in people. Your audience will return to see what new contests have come up.

There are several businesses that lack ideas for contests. They are usually unsure about the kind of contest which will draw maximum audience. There are several Facebook app companies which are offering help to organizations with special contest ideas so that the business owners are able to make the most of the situation. So, if you are among those businesses or organizations which lack the ideas for contests, here are some interesting ideas for contests which will help your businesses.

Contests Which Celebrate

This is a unique celebration contest which invites several people. You might announce about just having 10,000 fans or 20,000 fans. You can mention ‘click to celebrate – the 10001 fan will get a free (something interesting gift or award). Thus, this will be quite a lucrative way to attract fans through contests to your Facebook page. You can include all such celebration contests which will be a good way to attract fans to your Facebook page likes.

Asking For Comments

Another good idea is to ask your followers to comment and win goodies or enjoy discounts. You can put up an offer ‘comment below and enjoy 50% off on (specific) products. You can also put down a time frame within which comment can be made. This is a good way to keep your audience engaged and keep them coming back to your fan page again and again. Once they take part in such a contest, they will be eager for more such contests where they can try their luck. Thus, Facebook contest ideas are a smart way to drive traffic to your website.

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Chance to Win Incentive

Another interesting contest idea is to attach photographs – maybe of your friend or someone you love and leave a comment below. Today young and old, both alike love to take their photographs and post it in different places. You can announce about winners being picked by noon, in the next few hours. People are usually keen and eager to attach photographs. It brings in a sense of pride and they love to show off to their people. When they are posting their photograph to a Fan page, the eagerness to see oneself is double. Thus, contests which involve attaching photographs is also much appreciated.

Early Bird Contests

There are several contests which allow early bird prizes and awards. The first few entries are awarded and given a prize. This encourages people to rush and post comments to win awards and prizes. In a bid to win early bird prizes and contests, people often rush to be the winner. This is a great way to encourage interaction and attract followers.

Contests Related To Sales and Offers

You can offer special sales and offers to your customers. This discount or special offer can be on all your products or a specific range of products. You can announce a 50% sale in the next few days and encourage people to come and visit your online store. You can offer special offers and discounts to people. You can also talk about selecting a winner within a specific time amongst those who choose to buy your products and services.

There are several contests which can attract your audience and fans. You just need to think about ideas which are related to your specific products and services. The main purpose is to arouse interests in the minds of your fans and followers so that they are encouraged to take part in the various activities.

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