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Purchasing Viewers, Fans, And Followers – A Hoax Or Not?

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Every now and then someone is revealed that he has bought Facebook fans, the followers on twitter account, viewers of YouTube or likes on Instagram from best site to buy real Instagram followers. So what? After all, there is no misleading advertising, or is it? Fans, especially for large media/ magazines buy these seem to be always a surprise, it is not a new thing, and certainly not rare.

Why Buy Fans?

No fear, no journalists not just the only ones wondering about these things naively. I believe the same is true, for example, promotional contests. Over the past few years I have been watching a variety of promotional contests, mostly in Finnish, but also international. In these competitions, advertising, media, digital, et al. Offices are trying to present their own campaign as a positive light in order to win the competition.

How many judges have not even thought about that, some of these numbers may not necessarily be the only ones. What if, for example, Fragile Childhood viral-on video buy their viewers? Does not distort the results and this will also be the winners of competitions?

However, the greatest benefits of acquiring fans will be that people become interested in things much more easily when they are collected in popularity. You look at it on the YouTube video, which has collected more than a million spectators video, which has gathered 200 spectators. You are more likely to be something like Instagram account, which has more than 1,000 followers as an account that has 10 followers.

However, the point here is that the actions of human beings based on the number of occasions on what others are doing, and if a lot of people doing something, then what they are doing cannot all be wrong. Or can they?

In addition, fans, followers with the volume are often a major impact on the various search engines algorithms. When you search on Youtube search for “frontside ollie”, YouTube shows you the first results: Robin’s music video because of its name and a video demonstration mentioned in the text frontside ollie and perhaps the most important thing is that it is the most popular frontside videos related to ollieen.

So, YouTube feels it’s important on this topic and to raise the top of the search results. If the video again establishes itself in very different searches on YouTube so it gathers once more viewers. That is, created a kind of positive vicious cycle of video, which will further increase the number of video views and this attractiveness in the eyes of the people and the different media. This happens the same with Instagram photos.

Search Engine Optimization is also a certain extent based on purchased links. In the past, Google, the Internet pages are based on the huge number of links pointing to your site. Fortunately, in recent times, Google has begun to better identify those purchased links and purchased links today will most likely be a negative impact on the Internet page ranking on Google.

Buy Instagram followers share your social
Buy Instagram followers share your social

What is the best site to buy real Instagram Followers?

Fans, followers, etc can be purchased at best site to buy real Instagram followers with any prices that you want, from only some dollars to thousand, you can get thousands of followers in a wink.  With a little searching google skills, you’ll be sure to hundreds of different pages. Here are a few examples.

The purpose of my writing is to open up to you what these fans have been paid and why they are used. I have to admit that I am somehow addicted to have many followers on Instagram (I also buy at best site to buy real Instagram views).

E.g. At one point thinking that it’d be pretty nice if on Instagram I had more than 1,000 followers, or 500 (at the time I only have 100 followers). However, in fact, I have never used these services, and I do not. I think these are a hoax and they can always be caught, in which case the consequences are likely to be greater than the benefits derive.

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