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How To Have More Likes And Followers On Instagram?

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How to get more Likes and Followers on Instagram?

You are frustrated because you photos had only 3 likes? So you do look for some best site to buy Instagram likes? I have to say this is not worth it. You can increase hundred or even thousand only with some tips and a little patience. I’d love to reveal some of my tips today.

To Gain Popularity and Followers, Try These Tips:

  • Make you known to the right people. If you post pictures of nail art, for example, find an account known nail art? It’s a safe bet that someone who likes pictures of this great nail art chain also loves yours, as you post the same kind of pictures, right?

  • Organize contests with gifts for the key. Find out about the law in your country regarding the organization of competitions with lot to do things in the rules! A nice gift can bring a lot of subscribers instead of visit best site to buy Instagram likes! You can ask your followers to “re-grammer” the photo, or a friend to tag or comment. Remember to put the hashtag #concours.

  • Do not post multiple pictures in a row. It’s just boring, the main feed, to see 15 photos in a row of the same person. Stick to four per day, max, space lasts at least an hour.

  • Even when you come to best site to buy Instagram likes and have a lot of likes, still post regularly: if you stop posting for a long time, we will end up believing that you will never go through Insta, and they will unsubscribe. And if you make the effort to post 4 times daily quality content, you will see your subscriber numbers soar! And yes, because you will always be present in the feed “Subscriptions” tab “activity” (roughly, what your friends liked). And the more you are present, the greater your visibility among people who do not follow you again.

  • Do not be stingy. Love without limits, it costs nothing and it’s nice to others! Caution, do not like anything just likes to have in return, it is not a sky blog.

  • Like and reviewing images on the same topic as yours. To take the example of nail art: if you post your manicure, go visit hashtags #nailart #NPA #nailpolish etc. Like and reviewing photos posted with this hashtag, as they are posted by people who have the same passion as you! So it is certain they will love your photos!

  • Comment “big” accounts. You are probably subscribed to “big” accounts who post super nice photos. Feel free to comment on them. You say without doubt it is useless because whoever posted them will not see your comment. May be. But other users, if you said something relevant, you will notice!

  • Post only your own photos. Even followers that you buy from best site to buy 50K Instagram likes do not like chains who post internet pictures. After that, it’s just my opinion; there are tons of people that do not mind! And obviously, you do not take ownership photos of other instagramers!

  • Post pictures taken with your iPhone … but with your device! I find that when you post photos taken with great devices, Instagram interest takes a hit. It loses some of its charm. That said, the accounts who post camera pictures are often more popular, the pictures are so much prettier … up to you to choose your side! Or vary the pleasures! A little iphone, a little device!

  • Use hashtags. Test a few hashtags to see what is popular in the category you are targeting. For example, if you post a nail art, hashtags are available #nailart #nails #nailpolish. I use a lot of keyword research to discover new channels and hashtags allow appearing in these results. This will give a chance to others to find you.

  • Do not use TOO many hashtags. Come on, five max, otherwise it’s too much like you want the likes. Even if it’s what we all want, chuuuut, let’s not be so transparent 🙂

  • Post your pictures to the propitious hours. But what is the best time of day to post your Insta photos? Well, for example, I advise you to post pictures of food at the dinner, when everyone is hungry! So to 20h! Regarding other photos, wait after the dinner break 😉 Personally, I find that I always have more likes when I post a photo at 20:30, to believe that everyone check their Instagram feed in preparing dinner! Or otherwise, on Sunday morning at 10:30!

How to get more Instagram followers-and-likes
How to get more Instagram followers-and-likes

As I’m nice, here is a list of hashtags walking thunder on Instagram! Just try it, it’s instant!

#love #instagood #cute #picoftheday #igers (Instagramers designates the community. Can be applied to any photo) #iphoneonly (photos are taken by the Iphone) #nofilter (if you have no filter applied to your photo) #hair #lol (only if it’s funny huh) #pink #green (or any another dominant color in your photo).

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