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Twitter Marketers News: 3 Developments

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New Android App

Android users can use an app on their devices for Twitter. With the explosion of tablets from Apple, Nokia, Samsung and Windows, having an app specifically for Twitter on your Android devices will be of a great benefit.

Twitter announced on their blog what exactly it can do, here are the highlights:

  • Multi-screen view: You can now run Twitter and another app at the same time. You can look at a website while you tweet for reference, or watch a video while you’re answering DMs.

  • Twitter widget: It’s a lot like an RSS feed that brings geo-specific news, sports and photos directly to your tablet.

  • Illustrated tweets: No more logging into another program to add a little doodle or piece of information to your message. It’s a bit like long lasting Snapchat, but with your Twitter account.

They may seem like minor improvements to those who don’t use Twitter that much, but for hardcore Twitter marketers and users it opens all kinds of new possibilities!

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Twitter Changes Their Direct Message Policy

It use to be that you were only allowed to get a direct message (DM) from someone who you were following and who had followed you back. They have since changed the policy so that any of your followers can now send you a message. 

It should now allow businesses to be able to receive messages from their followers, if they want, without having to follow them. This should ease communication and help resolve issues – maybe even get a few compliments on the sly too!

A Special Point for Twitter Marketers: Schedule Organic and Promoted Tweets

Twitter marketers have long been able to use outside apps to schedule tweets. This super convenient feature drove many to not actually use Twitter when they sent out tweets! Apps that let you schedule tweets are many, and have been increasingly popular.

The hope is that this will get Twitter marketers who are using their Ad Products service to schedule tweets, up to a year in advance, on their service and actually use it again. I’ve never used Twitter for marketing purposes, I’ve always used Hootesuite! We’ve spoke before about how convenient it is to schedule tweets in advance, but now Twitter marketers using Ad Products can do it right in the Twitter interface.

These announcements make Twitter an even better place for users, marketers and businesses. Try them out and let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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